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There are many phases of the estate administration process in North Carolina. The estate must be opened, and if there is a will, it must be located. All the deceased's assets must be inventoried. The deceased's creditors need to be notified of the death, and debts must be paid out of estate assets. Life insurance claims must be submitted. Income tax returns must be filed. Finally, the deceased's assets must be distributed per the terms of the deceased's will.

Stan Lee is the subject of ongoing estate litigation

Many people in North Carolina and nationwide are great fans of Stan Lee, the mind behind Marvel Comics and the blockbuster Marvel superhero movies. Therefore, they may be saddened to hear that Lee is the subject of three legal filings claiming he has been defrauded and abused. Lee, age 95, is experiencing trouble with his memory and his vision is so poor that he can no longer read or operate a motor vehicle. After the death of his wife, several people have been caring for Lee but, according to some, their motives are questionable.

Why might a person contest a will?

People in Salisbury who create a will have very personal reasons for doing so. They may have very specific preferences about which heirs are to inherit which assets. However, while the testator may have nothing but good intentions with regard to their will, when they pass away, their heirs may view things very differently. They may believe that the provisions in the will do not accurately reflect the testator's wishes.

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