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Which form of 'ation' might best resolve your legal dispute?

Legal problems come in many different forms. If your issue is a civil matter, regardless of the type, there is one thing that likely is common across the board. The word describing the road to resolution will end in "ation."

There are four such words that spring immediately to mind. They are: arbitration, mediation, litigation and negotiation. The first three words are processes for resolving legal disputes. Negotiation is a tool that can be used in any of those circumstances at various times. As American statesman Dean Acheson described it, "Negotiating in the classic diplomatic sense assumes parties more anxious to agree than to disagree."

If we accept Acheson's statement as a given, it becomes clear that negotiating skill is fundamental to reaching terms in business or consumer disputes. Some contracts call for mediation or arbitration as the first vehicles for resolution. However, litigation, the process of pursuing formal legal action, remains available in many instances.

Those with experience in general civil litigation would likely agree that success in protecting the interests of clients requires skill in each method mentioned. In addition, understanding when to utilize which method and when comes with practice.

Notably, while mediation and arbitration are considered alternative dispute resolution methods, they are sometimes used at the same time as litigation. And a deft attorney manages the mix according to the needs unique to a given case.

Whether you are plaintiff or defendant in a civil case in North Carolina, your rights and interests deserve strong representation. Additionally, you deserve counsel that is knowledgeable employing the most effective legal strategy on your behalf.

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