Skilled Representation In Estate Administration And Litigation

When you are responsible for settling a loved one's estate or have any interest in an estate ready for probate, you need accurate legal information and practical guidance. All beneficiaries of an estate have a natural interest in speed but this is not the only critical factor.

A common complication in estate administration is the coinciding time of grief and readjustment that most families experience. Planning a funeral, carrying out a burial and perhaps clearing out the deceased person's living space are all overwhelming for many people. At the same time, many financial and legal matters require careful, urgent attention.

These are among the most common reasons many clients reach out to Kluttz, Reamer, Hayes, Adkins & Carter, L.L.P., in Salisbury, Rowan and its surrounding counties. Our attorneys are well-prepared to help you and your family through all phases of estate administration, including:

  • Opening the estate
  • Locating and reviewing the will
  • Advising on trust administration
  • Notifying creditors as required and advising when and how much to pay creditors
  • Inventorying assets
  • Submitting claims to life insurance
  • Addressing issues related to stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, annuities and other nonliquid assets
  • Filing final income tax returns
  • Distributing assets

A will contest, estate debts or a probate litigation claim may slow down the process. Our trial lawyers have a great deal of experience resolving legal disputes such as these. Rest assured, if we act as your probate law firm, we will take every precaution to help prevent or overcome inheritance disputes. We will guide you skillfully and compassionately through every phase involved in closing the estate.

Personal Attention, Reliability And Knowledge Waiting For You

Kluttz, Reamer, Hayes, Adkins & Carter, L.L.P., welcomes potential clients from North Carolina communities in and around our service area. We are here to help you make sense of the confusing probate process. We can help you contest a will or defend a will when someone else is contesting it.

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